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First Person Shooter - September 14, 2023

How does the Sub-tick system work in CS2?

Welcome to the exciting and highly interactive world of Counter Strike 2. One of the fascinating features that has drawn the attention of many gamers is the new Sub tick system.

Counter Strike 2 ‘s Sub tick system in plays a pivotal role in improving the game’s smoothness, precision, and responsiveness. This system is essentially an upgrade on the traditional tick rate system of earlier Counter Strike versions. By subdividing the processing time into smaller units or ‘sub ticks’, Counter Strike 2 offers enhanced fluidity and reactive game mechanics.

  • Enhanced Precision: With the sub tick system, every movement, every bullet, and every action has its defined moment. By subdividing time, players’ inputs are recorded more accurately, scripting a more precise gaming experience.
  • Greater Responsiveness: Sub tick system significantly minimizes the delay between player’s click and the game’s response, making the game more interactive and responsive.
  • Faithfulness: By recording the minuscule inflection points, the sub tick system facilitates a more faithful representation of players’ input, contributing to the immersive gaming world of Counter Strike 2.

While the above-mentioned features make the Sub tick system technically impressive, understanding its intricate workings can bring a new level of appreciation for its contributions to the gaming experience. 

To help you understand better, we will delve deeper into the nitty-gritty details.

Understanding the Old 64-Tick System 

Before we shed light on the new sub tick system, let’s first grasp the mechanics of the traditional 64-tick system in Counter Strike. Introduced as the standard, the 64-tick server was designed to update the game server 64 times per second. Each update is referred to as a ‘tick’. 

Every tick, data such as gamer position and gunfire simulations were updated which aimed to translate the actions of gamers into the virtual battlefield. However, it wasn’t exempt from downsides. 

Counter Strike 2

Because the system only updated 64 times per second, players with higher refresh rates might have noticed a lag between their actions and the resultant game effect. Precise shots came off inaccurate, and movements appeared slightly off. This discord ended up affecting players’ in-game performance to a certain extent. 

Remember, every millisecond matters when you’re immersed in such an intensely competitive game known for its precision. A 64-tick rate seemed inadequate to meet the avalanche of actions per second performed by high-refresh rate players.

Enter the Superior Sub Tick System 

Arriving as a breath of fresh air, Counter Strike 2’s new sub tick system dramatically overhauls the game’s updating mechanism. Let’s get to grips with it. 

  • Nitty-gritty Edge: The sub tick system captivates by enabling a higher number of updates per second. This drastic leap not only boosts gameplay smoothness but also brings in a marked disparity between the old and new system.
  • Supreme Responsiveness: Every gamer action is promptly captured and translated, eliminating scope for delayed gameplay. This exceptional responsiveness provides a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  • Accuracy: Precision shots no longer seem misplaced. Movements sync perfectly with commands, reinforcing accuracy and enhancing the overall gaming performance.

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