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MOBA - September 14, 2023

Why you should start playing tanks on toplane

League of Legends (LOL) is a game that depends largely on team strategies and tactical execution. Choosing the right type of character to play — someone who fits your playstyle and contributes to your team’s strategic needs — can make a huge difference in your performance.

If you’re looking to shake things up in your League of Legends gameplay, becoming a tank player might be the perfect strategy for you. Not only can it greatly enhance your gaming experience, but it can also provide immense value to your team. This role is often undervalued compared to others, but the importance of tanks in this popular MOBA game cannot be overstated. Let’s delve into why you should start playing tanks in League of Legends and compare their advantages to other lanes. 

  • Tanks are The Frontline: In a game of League of Legends, Tanks are always leading the charge. Bassically they are the first one into every team fight, taking a brunt of the damage so that the rest of the team can focus on dealing with the opponents.
  • Tanks Offer Crowd Control: Tanks are often armed with abilities that can control the battlefield. They have stuns, slows, and other forms of crowd control that help in controlling the dynamics of the game
  • Tank Saves Team: A great tank can turn the tide of a game by shielding allies from damage, interrupting enemy attacks, or, Tanks
  • Breaker of Turrets: Tanks are excellent at taking down structures, as they can endure the damage from towers longer than other heroes. Later in the game, they can change the whole course of the game

Example of some champions

One of those tanks is the Malphite. Great engagement. He can knock out the entire opposing team, get into the team’s backline with ease, and easily overwhelm the ADC.
The next one is Dr. Mundo. Mundo is one of the easier champions based on HP, shield and tankiness. He is an excellent frontline for the team and can easily dominate teamfights.
After him comes Nasus. Nasus with his 90% dominant spell and armor redus can paper the opposing team.These are just some of the champions we often see in SOLOQ. Each of these champions requires a specific play style and way of playing. If you want to know how to craft some builds for champions i am recomending

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