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MMORPG - September 13, 2023

Is Path of Exile 2 gonna be just hype or?

Path of Exile 2 is a next generation action RPG that is being developed by Grinding Gear Games. It is set years after the original Path of Exile, in a dark and corrupted world of Wraeclast. Path of Exile 2 is a separate game to the original Path of Exile, but it will share the same client and launcher, and players will be able to access both games with the same account and purchases1.

The main difference between the original and the new game is that Path of Exile 2 will feature a brand new campaign with six acts, 100 distinct environments, 600 monsters and 100 bosses1. The game will also introduce new character classes, skill gems, support gems, passive skills, equipment base types, and endgame maps1. The game will have a revamped skill system that allows players to socket support gems directly into skill gems, removing the need for linked items1. The game will also have a dual specialisation feature that lets players allocate some passive skill points to two different sets of skills that activate depending on the weapon or skill type used1.

Path of Exile 2 is expected to launch on PC, macOS, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The release date has not been announced yet, but the developers plan to reveal more details and gameplay footage in the upcoming livestream announcement for their 3.14 expansion next week2. You can watch the official trailer for Path of Exile 2 here3.

Path of Exile 2 is a highly anticipated game for many fans of the action RPG genre. It promises to deliver a fresh and exciting experience that builds on the success and popularity of the original Path of Exile. Here are some more details about the game that you might find interesting:

  • Path of Exile 2 will have a new storyline that is set 20 years after the death of Kitava, the god of corruption, who was the final boss of the original game. The world of Wraeclast has changed a lot since then, and new threats and mysteries await the players. The game will have seven acts, each with its own unique theme and atmosphere.
  • Path of Exile 2 will have 19 new character classes, each with their own ascendancy options. The classes are based on the original seven classes from Path of Exile, but they have different skills and passive trees. For example, the Marauder class can become a Berserker, a Juggernaut, or a Paladin.
  • Path of Exile 2 will have a revamped combat system that aims to make the gameplay more fluid and responsive. The game will have improved animations, physics, and visual effects. The game will also have new weapon types, such as spears, crossbows, and daggers.
  • Path of Exile 2 will have a new endgame system that will replace the current Atlas of Worlds. The game will have an infinite dungeon called The Tower, where players can explore randomly generated levels with increasing difficulty and rewards. The Tower will also have its own bosses and secrets.
  • Path of Exile 2 will have a new graphics engine that will enhance the visual quality and performance of the game. The game will support ray tracing, dynamic lighting, and shadows. The game will also have improved textures, models, and environments.