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Simulation - September 14, 2023

Are the tanks in world of tanks real and which are the most used and popular?

Reality vs Game . Let’s discus.

world of tanks

Real tanks

World of Tanks are based on real designs, but the game takes some liberties for the sake of gameplay. Many of them in the game were real, and some were prototypes, while others never made it past the drawing board.

However, there are a few vehicles in the game that are not so well-based, ranging from significant alterations that barely resemble their starting point, to outright works of fiction.

For example, many of them are upgunned. They either have real guns that were never used on a certain tank, or purely fictiona. Some tanks in the game, like the Waffle E100 and FV215B, existed as a hull and as an AA turret but never together.

So while many of them in World of Tanks have a basis in reality, the game does take some creative liberties for the sake of balance and gameplay.

It’s important to note that World of Tanks is a game first and foremost, and while it strives for a degree of historical accuracy, it’s not a perfect representation of historical tank warfare. One of the most used are T-34-85, Sherman, Tiger and other

Most popular tanks

The most popular vehicles World of Tanks vary depending on the tier and the player’s preferences:

  • Tier I: Leichttraktor
  • Tier II: Pz. II, Renault R35
  • Tier III: Cruiser III
  • Tier IV: P26/40
  • Tier V: T67
  • Tier VI: O-I, KV2, T-34-85
  • Tier VII: AMX 13 75
  • Tier VIII: T-44
  • Tier IX: Conqueror, Leopard pt
  • Tier X: Object 430U, FV4005, OBJ 279e, Chieften T95

These are considered some of the best due to their high win rates and great utility in combat. However, remember that the effectiveness of a tank can also depend on your playstyle and the specific strategies you use in a game. So, it’s always a good idea to try out different tanks and see which ones you like the most! 😊

Share with us your knowledge of historical tanks in group and watch some good gameplay with OBJ 279e with streamer called MisterCro, here is a link.