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Simulation - September 14, 2023

Benefits of having World of Tanks +

New in the world of World Of Tanks game since recently is the WOT+ system. This system allows players to subscribe and enjoy many benefits from casual players. It creates controversy among players whether it is right or not, but anyway today we present the WOT+ system.

Starting with Update 1.22, World of Tanks introduced a new feature for WoT Plus subscribers called Attendance Rewards. If you have an active WoT Plus subscription, you can receive an instant reward from a predetermined list just by logging into the game once a day. So, simply by participating in the game daily, you can enjoy additional rewards! 

With a WoT Plus subscription in World of Tanks, you get an array of benefits to make the game more enjoyable and comfortable. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Gold Reserve: Works similarly to the Credit Reserve, it can accumulate up to 500 and opens weekly.
  2. Intensive Crew Regimen: Every crew member in a single vehicle will gain 40 Crew XP every 5 minutes, even while you are offline.
  3. Exclusive Vehicle: The TS-54, a Tier VIII Premium American heavy tank, will stay on your account as long as WoT Plus is active.
  4. Free Equipment Demounting: This applies to all types of equipment except for improved equipment and Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Levels II and III.
  5. One Excluded Map: Together with WoT Premium Account, you will be able to exclude three locations overall.
  6. Attendance Reward: Each day you receive a valuable item randomly selected from a predetermined list.

You can manage your WoT Plus subscription right in your Garage. Enjoy your gaming! 😊


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